Nigel From Maidstone – Lindsay Lo-Horn (Ft. Iain Lee)

I’m a keen listener of Iain Lee’s show on talkRADIO (10pm-1am weekdays) and when I come across a snippet in the podcasts of him singing or doing something silly, I turn it into a musical production.

A caller by the name of Nigel from Maidstone frequently calls up and sings his home made tracks to Iain. Sometimes, Iain likes to join in. Nigel called up and sang about his love for Lindsay “Lo-horn” .. This was the result after I got my hands on the audio and headed into the studio:


Chantelle – Perfect Hour (Produced By Daniel Carasco)

My latest work is on a production with a 13 year old singer called Chantelle Lee – I wrote & produced the track and the video whilst she provided lyrics and did all Chantelle - Perfect Hourof the vocal work. Mixing and mastering this one for radio play was very tricky – but I got there in the end!

The track has been chosen by Movistar as the official track for Alex Dowsett’s Perfect Hour world record attempt – it takes place on the 27th February and Chantelle and I will be performing this track live. I’ll also be doing an hours DJ set during the attempt.

This track is slightly different to the usual stuff that I make as it has that typical Katy Perry pop vibe, with slightly retuned rock guitars, punchy drums and 70s synths. Influence on this track came from a mix of Bon Jovi and modern pop material. Take a listen below:

The final production ended up with over 120 stems (excluding vocals!) and Chantelle did an excellent job on her ad libs towards the end of the track.
Chantelle and I are working on a full 10 track album, ranging from catchy-chorus Katy Perry pop down to belting out Leona Lewis-esque ballads – so many more tracks to come from this talented singer!

We’re hoping this one’s a hit. #PerfectHour on twitter – spread the word!

Dan’s Arcade

A lot of people have been asking me questions regarding the Minecraft server I used to run, entitled “Dan’s Arcade” – I’ve had to close this server due to financial reasons (as well as the fact that Minecraft seemed to take up all of my time) so I’ve decided to release an “official statement” regarding the shutdown. Hopefully this post will answer any questions that people may have. If you do still have questions regarding the server that haven’t been answered in this post, please tweet me @thedcdj and I’ll be more than happy to answer them.